3-Pack HD Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Fitbit Blaze

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3- Pack Fitbit Blaze Tempered Glass screen protector with 9H hardness and Crystal Clear.

Customized Installation Video
For your maximum convenience to apply this Fitbit Blaze screen protector, we offer an installation guide video. You can find the video link in the back of the package.

Installation Tips:
Please kindly make sure your device screen is totally dry and clean before applying the screen protector onto it. Because if the screen is not completely dry, the adhesive of the screen protector cannot adhere to it properly. It may easily fall off after a short time using.

Made by tempered glass
By undergoing more than 4.5 hours of high temperature temper treatment, this Fitbit Blaze screen protector's compression strength reach as high as 125MPa, 5 times higher than regular glass.

Scratch Resistant
9H Hardness, harder than a knife's blade. it is not exaggerated to say this screen protector is terminator to any possible scratches by keys, knife or other sharp objects.

High Transparency
99.99% transparency preserves the original screen brightness. You can enjoy a great viewing experience with more brightness and less glare.

High response
Premium materials taken to maintains original response sensitivity.

Smudges and Fingerprint Resistant
The hydrophobic oleophobic coating largely reduces smudges and fingerprint. You keep your screen clean by a simple wipe.